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Live Music Event

Host & Storyteller

You've planned a great event.

Now you need a host to deliver an awesome experience.

Emcee & Video Host

Rae's has 6 years of professional emceeing and video hosting experience. She has served well-known clients such as DBS, NTU, SAF, Samsung and PA, hosting for audiences that include ministers, global businessmen and CEOs. She is able to entertain audiences both young and old, by infusing light hearted humour to any event.

Whether you are looking for an emcee to bring your event to then next level, a video host or VO artist for your next brand video, Rae is your girl.


Rae is known for her authentic sharing through stories, which can be seen from her IGTV show and podcast "Fridates with Rae", which garnered over 6000 views after only a month since it launched. She deep dives into relatable topics by bringing guests on her show, as well as share her stories and insights.

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